4th Cluster session “Cybersecurity. Critical infrastructure protection and sustainability. Problematic issues and implementation solutions”


The following specialists made their reports:

  • Volodymyr Zverev, Head of the Information Security and Cybersecurity Service of the NSDC Staff – “Cooperation and challenges of the public-private partnership with critical infrastructure entities regarding their cyber protection” ”;
  • Oleksandr Sukhodolya, Head of the Critical Infrastructure, Energy and Environmental Security Department of the Center for Security Research of the National Institute for Strategic Studies –  – “Ukraine experience in ensuring the security and resilience of critical infrastructure”;
  • Vladlen Basistyi, Senior Project Lead at CRDF Globalin Ukraine – “International assistance / projects of a critical infrastructure protection system in Ukraine establishment”;
  • Oleksandr Fedienko, Deputy Head  of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Digital Transformation – “Comparative analysis of the last 2 draft laws on critical infrastructure. Presentation of the CI authorized body operational capabilities. Plans and next steps after promulgation of the law”;
  • Oleksandr Bakalynskyi, Deputy Director of Cyber Defense Department of the State Service of Special Communications – “Classification of critical Infrastructure of Ukraine. Current status”;
  • Iryna Tsyvkovska, Cybersecurity Project Lead at U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF Global) in Ukraine – Presentation of the online course “Basic of Cyber security for government officials””;
  • Gregory Rattray, US Colonel (retired), Founder / Partner of Next Peak / former Director for Cybersecurity / former Chief Information Security Officer at JP Morgan Chase and Matthew Murray, Managing Member at Sovereign Ventures – “The Evolution of US Critical Infrastructure Protection Efforts”
  • Alessandro Lazari, Information Security Risk Manager at KPMG Advisory – “From critical infrastructure protection to cybersecurity: the journey of the EU”  and “Best practices for training specialist in CIP and Cybersecurity””;
  • Tyson Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at CyberNB – “Critical Infrastructure Protection Network – Helping Build Canada`s Cybersecurity Ecosystem” ;
  • Iryna Tymoshenko, Head of the Service for Critical Infrastructure Security of the NSDC Staff – Presentation of the system development concept for specialists training for the critical infrastructure protection, including its cyber defense and cyber security. Vision and needs for training programs in Ukraine”.”;
  • Antonella Longo, Ph.D., Department of Engineering Innovation (DEfI), University of Salento/ CRISR – “Research and training centers for critical infrastructure protection. Best practices in Italy”;
  • Ronald Bears, Associate Professor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, USA / Director, Nauset National Security Group / Academic Advisor, NATO, Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism – “Best practices for training specialists in protection, security and stability of critical infrastructure: Approaches of US and NATO”.

This event has become one of the most numerous. The fourth meeting of the National Cybersecurity Cluster involved 32 specialists on-site and 176 – online.

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