About Cluster


The National Cybersecurity Cluster is the coordination platform that joins resources, capabilites, competencies of the Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council and the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF Global), government institutions, international partners and private sector.

The main tasks of the National Cybersecurity Cluster are: to increase the level of strategic potential of national cybersecurity, develop a professional cyber community and ensure the safe cyberspace of Ukraine.

The activity of the National Cybersecurity Cluster is aimed on the strengthening of abilities, sustainable development of the national cybersecurity sector of Ukraine and arrangement of regular events: coordination meetings, forums, summits, educational conferences.

To join the efforts of the Ukrainian and the international cybersecurity leaders to reinforce the strategic opportunities of the national system of cybersecurity and provide peaceful and secure cyberspace for Ukraine
Development of the National Cybersecurity Cluster as the strategic coordination platform that promotes partnership and collaboration in the sector of cybersecurity and improving the quality of the professional education in order to reinforce the strategic resources of the national system of data security and cyber security, as well as Ukraine’s security and defence

The key events are intended for:

  • Representatives of the state institutions
  • Sector of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure
  • Financial institutions
  • State enterprises
  • Ukraine’s security and defense sector
  • Harmonize risk management and information technology activities
  • Central legislative and executive bodies, local authorities
  • Local governments
  • International organizations
  • Scientific and research institutions
  • Professional educational schools
  • Private companies

The National Cybersecurity Cluster is the strategic coordination platform for discussing the key issues of the national cybesecurity development in Ukraine. The Cluster promotes partnership, attracting the interested parties into an active discussion. The key messages of the speeches, conclusions, suggestions and requests announced during the meetings, as well as researches, reports, current policies, legislative documents and initiatives are published on the website.

Key tasks for the National Cybersecurity Cluster

The National Cybersecurity Cluster promotes the efficient implementation of long-term goals and the accomplishment of the strategic approaches for developing the national cybersecurity system, coordinates and provides support and expertise for meeting the current tasks.

  • Assist the Government of Ukraine and the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in the introduction of the innovation cybersecurity methods
  • Build a productive relationship with the international partners
  • Leverage effective the relationship to ensure productive dialogue between the critical infrastructure and donors for the potential partnership
  • Reinforce the implementation of cybersecurity innovations and technologies
  • Develop tailored strategies and plans regarding the capacity development in the sectors of cybersecurity, cyber biosafety, information protection, data, networks and systems protection
  • Harmonize risk management and information technology activities
  • Define a coordination structure and formulate general mechanisms for responding cyber incidents
  • Improve cyber incident reporting system and response
  • Align Ukraine’s legislation according to the international laws, standards and regulations in the sector of cybersecurity
  • Step-up the national cybersecurity workflow
  • Activate the process of structure development of cybersecurity systems of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure
  • Develop cybersecurity culture in Ukraine and dissemination of knowledge about safe behavior in digital space